Scottish Backgammon Open 2024

24 - 26 May 2024, Holiday Inn Aberdeen - West, Westhill, Aberdeen

Welcome to the new Scottish Backgammon Open

Aberdeen Backgammon Club is delighted to host the new Scottish Backgammon Open in beautiful Aberdeen.


Holiday Inn Aberdeen - West, Westhill, Aberdeen AB32 6TT. Backgammon returns to the same venue that hosted the successful 2023 Granite City Open.


25 - 26 May, 2024. There will be an optional warmup event on the evening of Friday 24 May.

How many entrants?

64 players will contest the new Scottish Open in a bid to be the first name on a new trophy.

How much is entry?

£95 per person. This includes a £40 registration fee with £55 going into the various prize pots.

Who is running it?

Aberdeen Backgammon Club is organising the new Scottish Open with the collaboration of the Edinburgh, Glasgow and Ayr clubs.

How do I enter?

Registration and Entry Fees can be paid direct to the tournament organisers. For more information see here or email us to register your interest and arrange payment.

Tournament Information

Format & Schedule

Fri 24 May Welcome, Friday Night Warm up (optional) £5 KO 5 points From 7 pm, start at 7.30 pm
Sat 25 May Swiss Format - 5 games of 7 point matches guaranteed Registration 10 am for 10.30 am start
Evening - Doubles Knockout (optional, subject to interest) Registration on the day
Sun 26 May

Sunday Morning Lesson - On Advanced Anchors

Tim Cross, Grandmaster, past UK Open Champion and previous UK Team Captain has very kindly agreed to give us a talk on the Sunday Morning 9.30-10-30.

Tim will discuss the difficult decision of when is the right time to leave an advanced anchor! This is often a huge internal debate that goes on in one's head as the game is being played. Some clarity of this could be invaluable!

Please feel free to join us in the hotel restaurant for some enlightenment! Tim does much tutoring and enjoys passing on his knowledge to others and we are grateful for this generous offer.

9.30 am to 10.30 am
Top 16 Knockout with Consolation and Last Chance Events. 3 Matches Guaranteed plus buy ins available Registration 10 am for 10.30 am start
You can download a calendar file (.ics) here.

Registration, Fees & Payment

The Entry Fee is £95 per person. £55 of the Entry Fee makes up prize money. Registration is £40 and includes a basic lunch on Sat/Sun and free morning coffee.

Please contact Ian Cukrowski to register. Payment will then be requested by bank transfer, after which your name will be added to the Entrant List or added anonymously if you prefer. You will also be asked whether you plan to attend the Friday evening event and if you have any dietary requirements (Sat/Sun lunch).


The total prize fund is £3520 (fully subscribed with 64 players). First prize for the main event is £1000. More details to follow.


UKBGF Tournament Rules apply and can be downloaded from the UKBGF website.

Please bring Backgammon Boards, Scoreboards and Clocks where possible. Clocks encouraged.


Holiday Inn Aberdeen - West is the venue for the 2024 Scottish Backgammon Open. The same venue hosted the 2023 Granite City Open.

Westhill is only 6 miles from Aberdeen Airport and seven miles from Aberdeen railway and bus station. Nos. 5 and 6 buses go direct to the hotel. There are many local amenities close to the hotel.

Room Rate

For those wishing to stay at the venue we have negotiated a special rate of £55 B&B per standard room based on 2 adults sharing.

Only executive rooms remain available in the competition venue, priced £95. Alternative accomodation can be found at the Premier Inn Aberdeen (Westhill), 10 Straik Road. Westhill AB32 6HF. Telephone number 0333 777 3653.

Yilmaz Snack Bar.

Event Sponsor

Aberdeen city centre & venue.

City Centre & Venue

Hotel Bar

Hotel Bar

Local Services

Local Services

2023 Granite City Open

2023 Granite City Open

Hotel Patio

Hotel Patio

Local Chip Shop

Local Chip Shop

Local Indian Restaurant

Local Indian Restaurant

History of the Scottish Open (with thanks to Neil Webb)

Many of the now older backgammon players playing today will remember that for a long time it was principally Michael Crane who expertly provided and directed tournaments throughout the UK. Michael ran the now retired British Isles Backgammon Association (BIBA). In February 2020 in his association’s magazine BIBAFAX Michael wrote the following:

Exactly thirty years ago today (3 February, 1990), the first ever Biba tournament was held - despite court proceedings to stop it! Two early morning court appearances across the Pennines to Manchester resulted in the writ being ‘postponed, awaiting further evidence’. The ‘further evidence’ never materialised and the writ was still valid until five years later when it was thrown out of court ‘for lack of prosecution’. During those thirty years I’ve directed 785 different elements (Main, Consolation, Last Chance, and Suicides) for a total of 32,801 players; and I have enjoyed every single one. I have contributed, edited, and published 157 Bibafax (and Bibafix) magazines, with pages ranging from 6 to 80; and I have had the time of my life formatting every single one of them. This is my final one.

A number of those tournaments were held in Scotland and from the meticulous records of BIBA it is noted that the following individuals won or were runner ups for the BIBA Scottish Opens. Some of the names may still be familiar!

Year Winner Runner Up
1998 Scottish Open Neil Webb David Hale
1999 Scottish Open Sean Casey Paul Arnott
2000 Scottish Open Lawrence Powell John Hurst
2001 Scottish Open Wayne Auty Jeff Ellis
2002 Scottish Open Ray Tannen Brian Busfield
2003 Scottish Open Peter Chan Rosey Bensley
2004 Scottish Open Rachel Rhodes Rosey Bensley
2005 Scottish Open Peter Christmas Jason Champion
2006 Scottish Open Tim Line Ron Havenhan
2007 Scottish Open Adrian Jones Gerry Enslin
2010 Scottish Open Stewart Pemberton Vaidas Novicenko
2011 Scottish Open Neil Webb Neil Oswald
2012 Scottish Open Alastair Woods Neil Webb

While BIBA may be retired those interested in the history of UK Backgammon can view many of the old BIBA magazines and other materials on the retired Facebook page of the British Isles Backgammon Association.

We would like to acknowledge and thank Michael Crane for his outstanding work in promoting backgammon.

Entrant List

Name Registration Paid Entry Fee Paid Friday Warm Up
1 Ian Cukrowski
2 Billy Williamson
3 Karen Slawek
4 Roseleen Young
5 Beth Young
6 Norman Hessler
7 Jenny Watson
8 Anita Martin
9 Rory Blatchford
10 Bill Irvine
11 Martin Barkwill
12 Tim Cross
13 Mike Shewry
14 Eileen Mulvaney
15 Derek Murphy
16 Jackie Murphy
17 Michele de Havilland
18 Neil Webb
19 Alice Taylor
20 Ron Taylor
21 Keith Gill
22 Alex Hamman
23 Ian Hesketh
24 Petros Gousias
25 James McDonald
26 Dean Lawson
27 Alastair Woods
28 Peter Snape
29 Ian Gray
30 Jay Hayton
31 Evan Williams
32 Mutlu Ustan
33 Bobby McPhee
34 Brian Lawrance
35 Liviu Ionescu
36 Alexander Polden
37 Graham Robertson
38 Liam Quinn
39 Rory Collier
40 David Kenyon
41 Miho Mcleod
42 Susan Cunningham
43 Barry Hill
44 Jacqueline Rixon
45 Mark Calderwood
46 Simon Morecroft

List as of 22 Feb 2024.

Closeup of backgammon board and checkers.

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